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Best Deals Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi-Effect Processor Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Best Price Online

Best Deals Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi-Effect Processor Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Best Price Online

Best Deals Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi-Effect Processor Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Best Price Online Description

On The Lookout Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi-Effect Processor Electric Guitar Effect Pedal concerning Finest Costs Goods, Buy inside Our Store. greatest selling price Mooer GE100 Guitar Multi-Effect Processor Electric Guitar Effect Pedal. Discover Special Offers and Deal Currently.



GE100 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor is a brand new release in Mooer’s Multi-Effects Processor product line.

By using a completely new digital platform, GE100 will provide you with the most authentic, modern and rich tones.

No matter it is stompbox simulation or amp simulation, or other effects which carry Mooer’s legacy, this Guitar Multi-Effects Processor will present all.

GE100 has its unique and rich tones.

With easy operation and versatile function, it can definitely help you to get your own unique sound!


Distortion---It can satisfy all your desire about distortion

Why is distortion so important to every guitarist? The reason is that distortion is the heart of Rock N Roll, as well as the heart of a guitarist’s tone!

From light overdrive to smooth sustain Crunch and to stormy crazy metal distortion, what kind of distortion are you really obsessed with?

You will find the answer in GE100. During the R&D process of GE100, Mooer’s algorithm engineer has put the distortion sound as the top priority.

After careful modeling and testing, the end result is that 23 distortion sounds and 7 amp simulations are finally put into GE100, which can satisfy all your ambitions about distortion.


Functions--- The sparrow may be small but it has all the vital organs

  • GE100 has an outlook not much different from its counterparts. However, its functions and its concept of operation have highlighted Mooer’s philosophy of pursuing perfection
  • Super large size LCD display, way beyond any counterparts in the same price range. It makes a very clear and concise indication of information and also makes the using and learning process easy and fun.
  • 8 effect modules, including 66 effect types, providing you with the most unique Mooer sound library. Simply rotate the knob above the screen and everything about the tone will be at your command.
  • 80 preset patches and 80 user patches, enough for creating your sound library. You can save any preferred tones by simply pressing down the SAVE button.
  • By using 180 seconds looper and a drum machine which contains a variety of rhythm patterns, you can create your own music without using a computer.
  • 6 assignable expression pedal parameters which greatly improve the convenience and diversity of controlling the tone.
  • Unique adjustable output mode setting allows you to use line out mode to still get a good tone when playing without an amp.
Innovation---must be a good follow when you are practicing and learning
  • At the beginning of R&D period of GE100, Mooer’s engineers had tried to do something unusual. After careful marketing researching and positioning, we finally decided to add Scales&Chords dictionary 1.0 in GE100.
  • Whether you are a complete newbie or a skilled player, you may be confused by some weird chords and scales sometimes.
  • You must be wondering: what should I learn among all these scales and chords? The good news is that GE100 can give you all the answers.
  • In the dictionary, we have tried to cram in as much scales and chords as possible.
  • By using the lesson function, you can master hundreds of scales and chords very easily.
  • Your friends will no longer laugh at you as a newbie who can only play triads and minor pentatonic scales.
Product features:
  • Large high brightness LCD display
  • 8 effect modules& 66 effect types
  • 23 drive sounds with 7 legendary amp simulators
  • Assignable expression pedal
  • Scales&Chords dictionary
  • Tap tempo function and 180 seconds looper
  • 40 Drum rhythms& 10 Metronome rhythms
  • 80 Factory preset patches& 80 User patches
  • DC 9V Adapter or AA battery(X4)power supply



  5D3_3045-GE100 5D3_3048-GE100 5D3_3049-GE100 5D3_3047-GE100


  • 1 x Mooer GE100
  • 1 x User Manual



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